Hello, I’m Grant Harding!

I’m a puppeteer and science educator based in Ottawa, Ontario. I’m a graduate of Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia and a member of the Ontario Puppetry Association. I have a background in biology from Mount Allison University. I offer puppetry workshops for children ages 4 – 12, and have presented over 100 of them at schools and day camps throughout the Ottawa area. I have also created STEM-based activities for preschool-aged children, which you can read (and try yourself!) at SuperSimple.com.

I am a lifelong learner and a lover of dinosaurs, nature, and understanding why and how things work. I live in Vanier, Ontario where I grow vegetables and make puppets and compost. I’m married to a cool lady who built this website for me. Want me to come to your classroom or day camp, or are you interested in working together in another way? Drop me a line! I’m always happy to meet new people and make connections. Like what you see here? Consider supporting me on Patreon.

“Nice walk around!”

Noel MacNeal
(Played Bear on Bear in the Big Blue House)

“Love how different they all are. Shows that you are doing it right.”

Tim Clarke
(Created Boglins toy line; built Uncle Traveling Matt for Fraggle Rock)


Rob Schrab
(Directed Death Cab for Cutie Crooked Teeth music video; co-executive producer of Rick and Morty)

Check out some of the stuff I’ve made!