Hello, I’m Grant!

I’m a puppeteer and science educator based in Ottawa, Ontario. I’m a graduate of Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia and a member of the Ontario Puppetry Association. I have a background in biology from Mount Allison University. I offer puppetry workshops for children ages 4 – 12, and have presented over 100 of them at schools and day camps throughout the Ottawa area. I have also created STEM-based activities for preschool-aged children, which you can read (and try yourself!) at SuperSimple.com.

I am a lifelong learner and a lover of dinosaurs, nature, and understanding why and how things work. I live in Vanier, Ontario where I grow vegetables and make puppets and compost. I’m married to a cool lady who built this website for me. Want me to come to your classroom or day camp, or are you interested in working together in another way? Drop me a line! I’m always happy to meet new people and make connections. Like what you see here? Consider supporting me on Patreon.

Check out some of the stuff I’ve made!